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 AWB Airway Bill
 B.A.F. Bunker Adjustment Factor
 B/L  Bill of Lading 
 BOND Guarantee to customs for payment of duty or tax 
 CAD Cash Against Documents 
 C.A.F. Currency Adjustment Factor 
 CBM Cubic meter 
 CDV Current Domestic Value 
 CF Cubic Feet
 C/I Certificate of Insurance 
 C.F.S. Container Freight Station
 CO Certificate of Origin
 COC Carrier Owned Container 
 CONFERENCE LINE Shipowner which is the member of the conference
 C.Y.  Container Yard
 C/S Congestion Surcharge
 C.S.C. Container Service Charge
 DEMURRAGE Penalty for late collection of the import container
 DETENTION Penalty for late return to the terminal
 ECAC European Civil Aviation Conference
 E.C.B. Express Cargo Bill of Lading
 E.T.A. Estimated Time of Arrival
 E.T.D. Estimated Time of Departure
 F.C.L. Full Container Load
 FCL/FCL Full container load shipment, service door to door
 FEU Forty foot Equivalent Unit 
 FCL/LCL Shipments from one shipper for more consignees
 FIATA International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association
 IATA International Air Transport Association
 ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
 IPC International Post Corporation
 L.C.L. Less then Container Load
 LCL/LCL Lees then container load shipment in a collection container 
 LCL/FCL Shipments from more shippers for one consignee
 M.V. Motor Vessel
 M.S. Motor Ship
 NON CONFER. LINE Shipowner which is not a member of any conference
 NON NEGOT B/L Unsigned B/L - copy which is not valid as original
 NOTIFY Subject to whom the arrival of the container is advised
 P.O.L. Port of Loading
 P.O.D. Port of Discharge
 SITA Société Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronaitique
 SOC Shipper Owned Container
 STRIPPING Unloading of container
 STUFFING Loading of container
 T.A.A. Trans Atlantic Agreement
 TARE Weight of goods without container 
 T-B/L Through Bill of Lading
 TEU Twenty foot Equivalent Unit
 THC Terminal Handling Charge 
 TIR Transport International Routiers
 T/T Transit Time
 ULD Unit Load Device
 VAT Value added Tax
 W/M Weight Measurement




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